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July 12, 2012

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OK, so summer is here.  No denying it.  No more school to keep the kids occupied for six or more hours of the day.  So, what do you do with them?

Take them to Home Depot.  No, seriously.  They have this very cool program on Saturday mornings where you and your kids are allowed to go and make a different project every month.  And the bestest part?  It’s FREE!    That’s right – it costs zippo, zilch, zero.

Projects are brief and space may be limited, depending on just how cool the project is or the time or year or the way the wind blows.   However, we have yet to be turned away.  Around here, the sessions start about 10 am and take about 15-20 minutes.  Goose and I actually take all the kids and tag team getting them all to complete a project.  Because we have about three Home Depots around here, we could theoretically go to a different one just about every weekend.

When you arrive, each child will get their very own orange Home Depot apron to print their name on.  Admittedly, the one that E3 received is not of the same quality as the ones that E1 and E2 got, but it will do.  Upon completion of each project, each child is given a pin to stick on their apron.  All of the pieces are pre-cut, only requiring some sanding.  Small finishing nails and glue are available, as well as an adult-sized hammer.  Our sessions have never offered the finishing touches (i.e. paint supplies), but our kids have always been more than happy to finish their projects at home.

To find out when the next Kids Workshop is, simply call or stop in your local store.

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2 Comments on “Home Depot Kids Activities”

  1. Sarah @ ActivityHero Says:

    How cool is this?! Thank you for posting! I took a free painting class at Home Depot before tackling my son’s room and they were so helpful, I had never even thought to look into kids classes.

  2. thismomloves Says:

    Thanks for reminding me about this! Our weekends seem so busy during the school year, but when we’re all on holidays and looking for activities to keep the kids busy, this would be a great idea!

    Just found you through the Blissdom Newbies group! See you there!

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