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Antique Desk Refurbish

October 3, 2012

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Goose’s employer has an internal, online classified ad system.  One day, earlier this summer, he found an antique desk.  It had been sitting in a fellow employee’s garage, taking up (considerable) space. It was in pretty rough shape.  Built by the Preston Furniture Company, it was definitely built to last.  The Preston Furniture company specialized […]

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Essentially an Adult … part 2!

August 30, 2012

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Here it is folks – Goose’s SECOND guest post! Okay, so I am back to report on my wife’s little experiment with blogging and to follow up on my experiences with Adult Essentials Gummy Vitamins. Let’s get one thing out of the way up front … these taste great, in fact I like the little […]

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Duct Tape Wallet Project

July 29, 2012

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So it’s a crazy hot Sunday after and the kids are a little squirrely and Mama needs to take E4 to the clinic … what to do? Waaaaaait a minute, earlier that morning the kids where watching Artzooka (which they absolutely love) and of course our friend Jeremy (the overly energetic host) completed a project […]

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Essentially an Adult …

July 15, 2012


Here it is folks – Goose’s first guest post! So picture this … after a hard fought day at my high tech day job, I come home to my 4 E’s and lovely wife. It’s straight out of a 1950s sitcom, well except for the high tech day job! After working my way through the perpetually changing end-of-day […]

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