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Apple Cheddar Pie with #Bacon and Rosemary #recipe

October 4, 2012


Slice of PIe

I find Top Chef Canada to be a culinarily (is that a word?) inspiring show.  Last season, one of the most delicious creations yet was presented.  Depending on where you grew up, cheddar cheese may be a natural accompaniment to your apple pie.  Why not put it IN the pie?  And while you are at […]

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Wordless Wednesday–Baking for a Carnivore

June 5, 2012


Or, Uncle Todd’s Birthday cake Chocolate fudge cake mix Super crisp bacon Mmmmm… Plus these In here like this… Makes this With caramel icing and rock sugar. Serving size?  Portion control?  Not today.  Happy birthday Uncle Todd

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Local Review – Finest Sausage & Meat

May 10, 2012

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Recently, my new friends over at Finest Sausage asked if I would like to sample one of their new creations.  Sure, said I.  I mean – it’s meat, right?  How bad could it be? My new buddy Shannon then handed me this: And then this: Why hadn’t he mentioned this earlier?  I would have driven […]

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Putting Finish Quantum to the Ultimate Test

April 27, 2012

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For Easter this year, I skipped the ham and served a turkey instead.  What I didn’t skip was the scalloped potatoes.  What I did do was use a new recipe.  One involving cream cheese, bacon, and maple syrup.  If I do say so myself, it is a must try. 1 onion, thinly sliced 1/2 pkg […]

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Beets for Supper!

September 22, 2011


Beets are an incredibly colourful, nutritious, and delicious.  This late summer/early fall vegetable is a real keeper – literally.  They will store in your crisper or fruit cellar for weeks.  Simply trim the greens to about 2″ and you are good to go. My mother and mother-in-law both pickle beets.  They are a beautiful addition […]

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