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#ClubHouseRecipeMix – Review & G!veaway

October 9, 2012


Not so very long ago, a spicy little surprise showed up on our doorstep.  It was a virtual fiesta of flavours.  I could hardly wait to get my hands on the variety of seasonings and mixes that Club House had sent. The first one I tried was the Herbes de Provence Roasted Chicken.  I will […]

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Root Bound #bookreview #g!veaway

October 8, 2012


Root Bound is the first in a series of four children’s fantasy books.  It chronicles the adventures of Emma and her jazz musician father.  The real adventure in Emma’s life begins when the pair move to a strange town and gain a scary neighbour, an odd school principle, and a gang of nasty schoolmates. Emma […]

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Wholly Guacamole & Beanitos #G!veaway &Review #CANBTS

September 18, 2012



One of the benefits of living in this day and age is the ability to try out new foods.  As an example, Mexican food has become a very main stream part of the Western diet.  After tacos and burritos, I would like to thank to thank my southern neighbours for guacamole.  Very specifically, for Wholly […]

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Keeping Track of Our Stuff with Oliver’s Labels #Review & #G!veaway

September 7, 2012


Last year, E1 and E2 went merrily off to school, all day, every day.  Before their initial departure, I merrily and dutifully wrote their name inside their indoor shoes, on the label that comes with their backpacks, and on the only place I could find for their lunch bags, the care code found inside. These […]

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Tenderflake Chefs Coats for Your Littlest Chef #G!veaway

August 20, 2012


My love of Tenderflake tart shells has been well documented.  I find the shells to be of very good quality and that they make having a dessert on the table quick and easy.  Now, the littlest chefs in your kitchen can feel like a true professional with their very own chef’s coat. Here is my […]

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