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Vanilla Ice Cream

July 19, 2012

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My children’s favourite ice cream flavour is, get this, vanilla. Odd, I know. See, my girl doesn’t like ‘stuff’ in her food.  No raisins in raisin bran muffins, chocolate chips in cookies, nothing.  Vanilla is the one flavour she can be sure doesn’t offend her sensibilities. The boys?  They like toppings.  Lots and lots of […]

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Home Depot Kids Activities

July 12, 2012


OK, so summer is here.  No denying it.  No more school to keep the kids occupied for six or more hours of the day.  So, what do you do with them? Take them to Home Depot.  No, seriously.  They have this very cool program on Saturday mornings where you and your kids are allowed to […]

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Mars Rice Krispies Squares

May 15, 2012

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Spring is here.  For real this time. I double pinky swear.  But spring is not all sunshine and daffodils.  It also brings rainy days. Which means small people will be inside far more than they are outside. Which means that they will get “Booooorred” – fast Which means you may go craaaaazy – fast. Which […]

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