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What to do when you don’t know what to do

February 25, 2011

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So, it’s four o’clock.  Supper is soon.  No meat was extracted from the deep freeze for this meal that has clearly snuck up on you, out of nowhere.  Kids are home from school.  Chaos, not cuisine, is reigning supreme at your home(quick name that FoodNetwork show!).  What to do, what to do. Do this. Make […]

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Perfect Pie Pastry

February 24, 2011

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Heck, use it for whatever you want, really. As soon as she was legally able (and possibly before), my mother passed off the pastry making duties in our home.  She started out subtly, and eventually it just became my job.  You know how it goes “But honey, you make pastry sooo much better than I […]

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A Hundred Uses for Pastry

October 31, 2010

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Pastry, even the world’s best pastry, will only last so long in the fridge.  Eventually, one must bring oneself to part with the temptation of flaky, crumbly, melt in your mouth deliciousness.  More pie?  Not always the answer, my dear friend. These are Oma’s Leftover cookies.  Great-oma, as you may have guessed, was Dutch.  And […]

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