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Spiced Mocha Meringue Photos – Voting!

July 10, 2012


OK, so yesterday I told you about how I am going to enter the Food Network’s Anna Olson’s Bake Off.  I have whipped the egg whites, boiled the maple syrup, and piped the meringue.  Goose has taken more pictures of this one dessert than I think he has taken of all my other dishes combined.  […]

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A Little Weekend Love

March 24, 2012

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A few outtakes from another family photo shoot. Yes, they are brothers Yes, they are almost exactly four years apart in age. But only about 10 pounds difference in weight. If you can’t have a sister to dress alike with, at least you can have a dolly with matching clothes. E3 is looking a little […]

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Midnight Rainbow

October 8, 2010

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OK, so it wasn’t exactly midnight.  More like seven.  But close, right?  I’m sure it was midnight somewhere.  At any rate, it was time for bed for E3s.  This little beauty appeared in the sky, for ever so brief a moment. Here is the other end.  No sign of a pot of gold or anything.  […]

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