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#ClubHouseRecipeMix – Review & G!veaway

October 9, 2012


Not so very long ago, a spicy little surprise showed up on our doorstep.  It was a virtual fiesta of flavours.  I could hardly wait to get my hands on the variety of seasonings and mixes that Club House had sent. The first one I tried was the Herbes de Provence Roasted Chicken.  I will […]

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Roasted Cauliflower and Cheese Soup #recipe #glutenfree

September 21, 2012


Cooler weather is upon us! Hooray!  Cool crisp evenings, perfect sleeping temperature, warmer days, back to wearing jeans – it doesn’t get much better than this. Cooler weather also means you can turn the stove and the oven on and not be so hot that you can’t eat what you’ve made.  Let’s get a double […]

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Pear, Cheddar and Rosemary Stuffed Pork Tenderloin

January 2, 2012

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So, the New Year is here.  Time for new starts, better eating habits, and working on losing as much of the holiday weight as possible, hopefully without having to resort to weirdo concoctions made in blenders that are supposed to pass as real food. For today’s simple and healthy dish, I used a few cheats […]

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Fish Tacos with Lime Sauce!

May 23, 2011

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In a continuing effort to use up the approximately 6 bushels of limes currently residing in my crisper, I have been scouring the World Wide Web to track down recipes.  I should have known better.  Lime recipes have suddenly been landing in my lap.  Now, I know you could say it’s because this is May […]

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A Little Late to the Fiesta

May 12, 2011

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OK, so Cinco de Mayo was exactly one week ago.  By the standards of most people with multiple small children, posting this Mexican inspired recipe today isn’t bad.  The fact that it’s accomplishable by almost anyone with two feet and a heart beat makes the entire scenario forgivable. Start with some nice ground beef.  The […]

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