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Amazing Animals – No, Not The Kids

April 12, 2011

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A few weeks back, the wee ones and I tried out a cookie making kit with less than stellar results.  The company, Brand Castle, quickly sent us a new kit to try.  Not only does this speak to the pride this company takes in its product and its reputation, it also tells me that they […]

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The Perfect Sugar Cookie – Or Not

October 28, 2010

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I have found the world’s most delicious sugar cookie.  It isn’t a sugar cookie in the conventional sense that you whip up butter and sugar, etc. and then chill it and attempt to work with cold dough that invariably falls apart and you have to re-chill in order to make it bake up properly.  Or […]

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Valentine’s Helper

February 13, 2009

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So, in honour of St. Valentine, I have baked and decorated some sugar cookies. What heart shaped sugar cookies have to do with a guy who married young couples in secret has never really been that clear to me. However, in my family, we will use any excuse to fire up the stove. The recipe […]

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