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Butter Up!

April 22, 2011


I’m pretty sure baseball season has started.  I think I heard that on the radio the other day.  Our house avidly follows hockey and not so much, well, anything else at all, really. Unless you count cooking shows.  But I doubt you do. I am, however, an avid follower of butter.  Real butter.  I know, […]

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Mastering Your Mornings

April 15, 2011


>I don’t get morning people.  Never have, never will. My daughter is a morning person.  I hope this will have no bearing on the future of our mother-daughter relationship. I am willing to do almost anything that will cut down the amount of time I have to be up in the morning before my children […]

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Quick Cookies

April 8, 2011

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In the blogger world, there is now something called Wordless Wednesday.  The idea is that bloggers can post an intriguing photo on their site and not have to say, er, type, a word.  Fun for the readers and a bit of a break for the blogger.  Since I have not, as of yet, run out […]

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